Cancellation policies

Zipvacation offers several cancellation policies to suit the needs of our Hosts. If a Guest cancels a reservation, the policy in place at the time of booking determines the refund payout, though you can opt to refund a Guest more than the policy permits at any time.

If you'd like to change or edit your cancellation policy, please go to Dashboard → Your Listings → Edit Listings → Pricing and Terms. For each of your listings, you must select one of the policies below. Please note that if you make changes to your listing details, they will apply only to bookings reserved after the change.

Choices for cancellation policies:

  • Inclusive: Full refund, excluding fees, at any point up to 1 day before arrival. Can be applied to any listing, for stays of 27 nights or less.
  • Moderate: Full refund, excluding fees, at any point up to 5 days before arrival. Can be applied to any listing, for stays of 27 nights or less.
  • Firm: Refund of 50 percent, excluding fees, at any point up to 1 week before arrival. Can be applied to any listing, for stays of 27 nights or less.
  • Very firm: Refund of 50 percent, excluding fees, at 30 days or more before arrival. This policy is by invitation only*.
  • Long term: Applied automatically to reservations of 28 nights or longer. Policy requires a down payment of the first month's fees, and a 30-day notice to terminate a lease agreement. Available for all listings.

*In order to select our Very Firm cancellation policy, please contact Support to request a qualification review. The Very Firm policy requires a Host fee of 5%, rather than the standard 3% fee.

Host reservation cancellations

Zipvacation strongly discourages Hosts from cancelling reservations, and suggest instead that you consider altering the reservation whenever possible.

While we understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, they are a tremendous inconvenience for Guests, and have a negative impact on our services and reputation.

Penalties may apply for Host cancellations, which can include:

  • Negative effects on your search result ranking
  • An automated review on your listing that indicates a cancelled reservation
  • Blocked or unavailable status applied to your Calendar for the dates of the cancelled reservation
  • A cancellation fee may apply for more than one cancelled reservation over a period of six months

If you cannot avoid a cancellation, please contact the Guest through our website to explain the reasons, and officially cancel the reservation through your Dashboard → Your Listings → My Reservations → Cancel Reservation. It's also prudent and considerate to contact other Hosts in your area and attempt to accommodate the cancelled Guest.

If you should cancel before the reservation period begins, the Guest will receive a full refund, and you will not receive payout. Cancelling an active reservation negates your existing cancellation policy.

If the cancellation occurs during a reservation that has already begun, and a security deposit has been issued, the deposit will remain in effect through 48 hours following the original date of checkout. If the cancellation occurs prior to check-in, the security deposit will be immediately refunded to the Guest.

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